Art and creativity have always gone against economic advancement, which aims to reduce costs through standardization and uniformization.


With the expansion of the mass market, people have begun to prefer things made by craft masters to things made by soulless machines; as such, no packaged food produced by industrial methods, can replace a meal cooked by a skillful chef. Similarly, no melody played with a modern synthesizer can be compared to the real sound produced by ancient instruments.

This shift in consumer preference has produced an interesting outcome - today ordinary items that were common 100 years ago, such as a hand-made tailored suit, have become much more valuable.

The same can be seen in furniture, and our unique methods of production have been able to capitalize on that. Only meticulous handcraft and the talent of a master, which our company provides, can yield a real masterpiece of the finest quality that will actually increase in value over the years.

Furthermore, since our items are custom-made and handcrafted, each piece of furniture is truly unique and gives its owner a sense of superiority and individuality.