The history of the company can be traced back to 1989, when an experimental manufacture of non-standard furniture and interior elements was built. The manufacture was created as part of the Russian Institute of Technology and Furniture (VPKTIM) - the only intellectual center in charge of defining the policies and prospects of the furniture industry in the USSR.

After acquiring a vast technological base and tremendous innovative potential, the furniture manufacture became privatized and independent from VPKTIM, and thus in 1990, Intar Plus was founded.

At first, most of our business activity consisted of state contracts, in which furniture and objects of national importance for prestigious government leaders were constructed. With the development of trade relations, the company has gradually shifted to fulfilling the needs of individual clients in the private sector. Over the years the company has established itself as a reliable partner and has successfully completed more than 500 different projects.

Today Intar Plus can be defined as a creative laboratory, which produces exclusive custom furniture and interior elements, providing a full range of services from design to installation. The company is able to carry out orders of any complexity, as well as work with any materials, including valuable rocks and exotic woods. Some of the methods used in our products finishes include, but are not limited to, carving, marquetry, inlay, and gilding.